Discover the Diversity of Napa Valley at the Oakville Wine Merchant

Amid views of iconic vineyards and landmarks of historical significance and located adjacent to the Oakville Grocery in a nearly 150-year-old Victorian house, the Oakville Wine Merchant in Oakville offers a tasting of distinctive wines from each unique Napa Valley appellation, allowing guests to discover its diversity, abundance, world-renowned terroir, and deep history.  Taste from over 60 wines by the glass from Napa's finest producers in a comfortable lounge setting in our 150-year-old Victorian house.

Comfortable seating at the Oakville Wine MerchantComfortable seating at the Oakville Wine Merchant

Embark on a journey throughout the Napa Valley.  Purchase a card loaded with various denominations and select a taste, half, or full glass for self-service from one of our  Napa Technology Wine Stations.  Or, let our knowledgeable wine team curate your wine discovery with selected flights.

Please place a reservation for your self-guided tasting to ensure you have a place, or if you're unable to join us in person, you can shop for our wines online. Sign up for our mailing list to receive our newsletter to be the first to learn about new releases and special offers.

At our Oakville location, continue your visit upstairs with a stroll through the 1881 Napa Wine History Museum, the Valley's most comprehensive exhibition of its early history.


Experience the appellations of Napa Valley; enjoy highly sought-after selections available on our Napa Tech wine stations, or discover a wine you've never tried before. The ultimate wine lover's playground... discover, dream, and enjoy Wine Country.

Appellation Experience

 Enjoy a private appellation tasting with an experienced wine host who will walk you through wines from your selection of Napa appellations. This tasting experience allows you to dive deep into the history of these prestigious appellations and discover the difference terroir and soil make.

Hosted Appellation
Experience & Lunch

Expand your experience with lunch from Oakville Grocery. Enjoy a private appellation tasting with a wine host who will explore and compare appellations alongside a boxed lunch of your choice. Lunch selections are available upon placing your reservation.