Rich in history, dedicated to the future of food

Oakville Grocery has been a wine country institution since 1881. Our flagship location is nestled amongst a landscape of wildflowers and grapevines, rolling hills, and some of the most revered wineries and restaurants in the country, in the heart of Napa Valley. This idyllic locale is now a vibrant gathering place for locals and visitors, wine drinkers and vintners, hungry neighbors and culinary connoisseurs. But that did not happen overnight.

Our Heritage

P.B. O'Neill NewspaperP.B. O'Neill Newspaper

Our story is rooted in hard work and the incredible stories of real people and hard-earned success. Since the first record of our doors opening as P. B. O’Neil’s “dry goods, groceries, and hardware store" in 1874....

Coming of Age

Oakville Grocery historic photographOakville Grocery historic photograph

In 1917, in preparation for an impending war in Europe, President Wilson signed into law the mandatory closure of saloons and other establishments selling alcohol within a five-mile radius of any military installation.... 

A New Legacy

Jean-Charles Boisset at Oakville GroceryJean-Charles Boisset at Oakville Grocery

Jean-Charles Boisset(JCB) was born in 1969 in Vougeot, France, an ancient and iconic viticultural area in the Burgundy region. His father is a vintner, and the family owns historically significant vineyards and wineries....