May 8, 2023

Has Mother's Day snuck up on you this year?  Stop by either one of our Oakville Grocery locations or the new Calistoga Depot Provisions this Sunday for tasty woodfired Brunch Pizzas and $10 mimosas!

When: Sunday, May 14

Where: Oakville Grocery, Oakville and Healdsburg locations

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Mother's Day brunch pizza and mimosas at the Oakville GroceryMother's Day brunch pizza and mimosas at the Oakville Grocery

March 22, 2022

We're honored to be named the "Best Cheese Shop" in the Bohemian's "Best of the North Bay, 2022."  If you haven't had a chance to sample some of the domestic and international artisan cheeses we feature at both of our locations, why not stop by and see what the hype is about?


Best of the North Bay, 2022 - Bohemian MagazineBest of the North Bay, 2022 - Bohemian Magazine

January 28, 2022

The big game is just around the corner!  Stop by one of our locations for all the delicious sandwiches, cheeses, beer, and wine you need to make your football party a "win"!  If you're not in the area, we've stocked our online store with plenty of snacks, condiments, and supplies to craft a praise-worthy event. 


Picture of Oakville Grocery Game Day EssentialsPicture of Oakville Grocery Game Day Essentials

December 1, 2020

Not in the Bay Area but still would like a taste of Wine Country?  We offer a wide selection of Oakville Grocery packaged goods and home products, including preserves, charcuterie, and coffee, in our online storeBut if you prefer artisan cheeses, tri-tip roast, and sandwich kits, stop by our partners at Goldbelly, which ships pershiable foods from small shops and restaurants nationwide.


Oakville Grocery is now on GoldbellyOakville Grocery is now on Goldbelly

Oakville Grocery Producer Q&A: Kiss the Flower Honey Co.

August 26, 2020

This week we welcome Kiss the Flower Honey Co


Q: Please share a fun or interesting fact about you or your products:

A: Honey is the perfect food. A diet of pollen and honey contains all the necessary protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals humans need to flourish.  When you add in propolis (tree resins the bees collect and combine with an enzyme and beeswax) one gets an additional immune supporting elixir that is antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral.

Q. What is your most favorite use for your products that people might not immediately consider?

Meade (honey wine) mixed with a sparkling soda; Bee Pollen in a fruit smoothie for an extra energy boost and honey drizzled on a local, artisan cheese.

Read the entire interview with founder DeWitt Barker here.

Purchase from our honey selections here.

Kiss the Flower Company at Oakville GroceryKiss the Flower Company at Oakville Grocery
Kiss the Flower Company at Oakville GroceryKiss the Flower Company at Oakville Grocery

Oakville Grocery Producer Q&A: Truffle Shuffle

August 19, 2020

One of the things we love the most about our business is the opportunity to work with small, local producers... people who have the closest connection with the products they create.  We've asked a few of the talented folks we work with to give us a glimpse into their business.  In this first installment, we're honored to introduce Truffle Shuffle, purveyors of fine truffle products.


Q: Please tell us how you came to be.

A: We started our company with the idea of supplying honest, sustainable truffles directly to restaurants. All of us grew up working in the restaurant business and saw firsthand how the truffle industry is deceptive and opaque. 

This idea naturally grew into the next stage, which was developing a line of truffle products that were different than the ones currently available on shelves.  We worked with small, artisan producers for our raw ingredients like Marshall’s Farm for their beautiful honey in American Canyon and Wernie for her amazing, hand-made sea salt in Kusamba, Bali.

Then, in March 2020...

Read the entire interview with founders Jason, Sarah, and Tyler here.

Purchase the famous Balinese Truffle Salt here.

Truffle Shuffle at Oakville GroceryTruffle Shuffle at Oakville Grocery

JCB Live Features Steven Spurrier

An update from the Oakville Wine Merchant:

We're honored to welcome legendary wine expert Steven Spurrier on JCB Live this Wednesday, May 13, at 6:00 pm.  He will discuss the challenges and opportunities of making French-style wines in new regions and how to recognize wines by their sensory traits alone.

We will feature our English Bride Valley sparkling wines in this sitting. After 50 years in the wine trade, Steven Spurrier, inspired by the unique chalky soils on his wife Bella's Dorset sheep farm, decided to join the English sparkling wine revolution.  He enlisted the help of Jean-Charles Boisset to establish his new endeavor.  Boisset Collection is proud to be the first and only U.S. importer of Bride Valley English sparkling wine.  

For the following week we will honor an unprecedented 40% savings on all Bride Valley wines with the coupon code BRIDEPARTY.

Tune in to JCB Live on Facebook. >
Purchase Bride Valley wines in the Oakville Wine Merchant. >

JCB tasting with Steven SpurrierJCB tasting with Steven Spurrier

Oakville Grocery Wine of the Week

Day 4: Monday, March 16

Each week for the following month, we will feature a staff-picked wine expertly paired with bites from our store. Check back each Monday for your tasty recommendation for the week.  Products are available onsite and (soon) on our website!

We finish off our Wine of the Week recommendations with the 2016 Depiction Wines Cabernet Sauvignon from St Helena.  The 2016 Depiction is the first release of the 750ml bottles and the first to feature a new "blank canvas" label.  It's a meticulously handcrafted wine that's decades age-worthy.  Only the best quality fruits were hand-picked for this bottling from an exceptionally low-yield, one-acre vineyard in St Helena.  This Cab is a pure expression of place and time that's terroir-driven.  It boasts plenty of fruit, beautiful acidity, persistence and elegance on the palate. Purchase onsite for $140 by the bottle.

Our final pairing is the Ah Nuts Candied Pecans and Walnuts.  The perfect addition to a salad or cheese board, these candied nuts are seriously addictive.  The Prager family has made fortified wine in the Valley since 1979, and their Port is especially popular.  To this day, the company is still family-run, and this mix of caramelized pecans and walnuts comes straight from Imogene Prager's kitchen in St Helena.    

Oakville Grocery wine of the week DepictionOakville Grocery wine of the week Depiction
Oakville Grocery candied pecans and walnutsOakville Grocery candied pecans and walnuts

Pulled Pork Sandwich at Dry Creek Kitchen

March, 2020

Throughout March, Oakville Grocery, Healdsburg and Dry Creek Kitchen are partnering to offer a special food and beverage item at each property.

At Dry Creek Kitchen:

Oakville Grocery Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pecan-smoked port, mustard greens, pink rose radicchio, hazelnut-mustard emulsion, Windsor Brewing Company IPA BBQ sauce, Costeaux rosemary roll

Recommended Pairing: Windsor Brewing Company IPA

Sandwich only: $15.50
Pint of beer: $7.50 (Happy Hour) or $8.50 (Spirit Bar)
Sandwich-beer combo: $21

At Oakville Grocery, Healdsburg:

The Dry Creek Kitchen Sando
OGC finocchiona, speck ham, grilled artichoke, smoked mozzarella, basil, dandelion greens, OGC lemon oil, spicy mustard-marmalade

Recommended Pairing: 2014 DeLoach Vineyard Russian River Chardonnay

Sandwich only: $15
Wine by the glass: $15
Sandwich-wine combo: $26

Dry Creek Kitchen is located at 317 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg.  Visit its website for more information.

Oakville Grocery Pulled Pork Sandwich LunchOakville Grocery Pulled Pork Sandwich Lunch

Oakville Grocery Wine of the Week

Day 3: Monday, March 9

Each week for the following month, we will feature a staff-picked wine expertly paired with bites from our store. Check back each Monday for your tasty recommendation for the week.  Products are available onsite and (soon) on our website!

Today we introduce the 2016 Calmére Pinot Noir from Carneros.  Situated in the breathtaking rolling hills of Los Carneros, Calmére - which comes from the French words calm ("calme") and sea ("mer") - focuses on Burgundy varietals. This Pinot Noir was made with five different clones including clone 115.  It has a medium-plus body and shows an influence of oak barrel aging.  It's a lush and fruit-forward wine that's displaying juicy brambleberry, nutmeg, and vanilla notes.  Available onsite by the bottle for $45 or by the glass for $12. 

An excellent pairing for this Pinot is the Boont Corners Reserve Aged Tomme CheesePennyroyal Farms in Boonville makes this aged Tomme cheese with the milk from goats and sheep raised on its farm (farmstead milk).  Pennyroyal makes cheese 10 months out of the year, only taking a break in the two months when there is a lack of milk due to the kidding season.  Boont Corners Reserve is the most aged version of this cheese, taking on a deep flavor while retaining a pleasant creaminess.  Fans of pecorino, manchego or parmesan will love this cheese.    

Oakville Grocery wine of the week CalmereOakville Grocery wine of the week Calmere
Oakville Grocery Aged Tomne CheeseOakville Grocery Aged Tomne Cheese

Oakville Grocery Wine of the Week

Day 2: Monday, March 2

Each week for the following month, we will feature a staff-picked wine expertly paired with bites from our store. Check back each Monday for your tasty recommendation for the week.  Products are available onsite and (soon) on our website!

This week we're featuring the 2014 "The Mascot" Red Wine, Napa Valley.  Will Harland started The Mascot label as an "experimental project, born of the desire to create a wine that (he) could share with friends."  This Cabernet Sauvignon is made with the younger vines of Harlan Estate, Bond, and Promontory.  Despite much anxiety surrounding the vintage due to an earthquake, early ripening, and hail storms, 2014 is proving to be a fine vintage without extreme heat and moisture.  This beauty shows red, blue, and black fruits with a good integration of oak.  Purchase onsite for $145 per bottle or by the glass for $40.

Pair this wine with Oakville Grocery Soppressata.  Made in partnership with Journeyman Meats in Healdsburg, our Soppressata is made with Zinfandel from our sister property, Buena Vista Winery in Sonoma, and just the right amount of chili flakes.  The Seghesio family behind Journeyman has made wine in the region for over 100 years and charcuterie as recently as 2011.  This Soppressata is from a one-of-a-kind recipe made only for us at Oakville Grocery, and is one of the best salamis you can find in Northern California.  

Oakville Grocery wine of the week The MascotOakville Grocery wine of the week The Mascot
Oakville Grocery SoppressataOakville Grocery Soppressata

Oakville Grocery Wine of the Week

Day 1: Monday, February 24


Each week for the following month, we will feature a staff-picked wine expertly paired with bites from our store. Check back each Monday for your tasty recommendation for the week.  Products are available onsite and (soon) on our website!

We're starting the list off with the 2018 Eighteen Vines Chardonnay - Catie's Corner Vineyard, Russian River Valley, a single-designated vineyard Chardonnay that's crisp, fresh, and lively.  A cool climate and sandy loam soils provided an ideal growing condition for restraint, resulting in an elegant style of Chardonnay with less oak.  Since Chardonnay is a neutral varietal, the subtle oak allows the true fruit character of this varietal to shine.  Purchase for $28 per bottle.

We suggest pairing this wine with our Gremolata Castelvetrano olives.  Marinated in citrus zest, garlic, oregano, cumin, and olive oil, these are the most sought-after olives in the Bay Area. 

Oakville Grocery wine of the week Eighteen VinesOakville Grocery wine of the week Eighteen Vines
Oakville Grocery Castelvetrano OlivesOakville Grocery Castelvetrano Olives

Sustainable Farming IRL

At Oakville Grocery, we pride ourselves in featuring products from local, small-scale artisans and supporting our local farmers and small businesses. Sustainable farming plays a big role in what we represent.  Not only does it help the environment, but it also gives our customers the opportunity to taste the essence of the food and the area we live in.

Our sister properties Raymond Vineyards and DeLoach Vineyards use biodynamic farming, and it shows in the quality of their wines and culinary creations. Obviously, biodynamic farming is not feasible for everyone, but there are some easy ways to incorporate biodynamic farming into your own lifestyle. 



Sustainable, Organic or Biodynamic Farming in Real LifeSustainable, Organic or Biodynamic Farming in Real Life

1881 Napa Wins Prestigious Award

Our neighbor 1881 Napa has received the Regional Award of Merit in the Best of Wine Tourism Awards.  

Next time you're at Oakville Grocery in Oakville proper, why not stop by and check out their unique wine history museum.  Learn about Napa wine history and revel in the stunning interior, or make a reservation for a unique tasting.  Learn more here.  

1881 Napa1881 Napa


Visiting our Historic Oakville location? Take time to visit the Oakville Wine Merchant next door.  Explore wines from each unique from each unique Napa Valley appellation, allowing guests to discover its diversity, abundance, world-renowned terroir and deep history.  After, stroll through our wine history museum.  The Oakville Wine Merchant and 1881 Napa embodies the essence of wine country hospitality, making it a must-see, must-taste destination.