Interior of the 1881 Napa Wine History MuseumInterior of the 1881 Napa Wine History Museum


Napa Valley's most comprehensive exhibition of the valley's early history, in one of the oldest Victorian homes remaining in Napa Valley.  The history museum at 1881 Napa combines a gallery of the stories of Napa's early pioneers, a remarkable collection of winemaking relics, and an exhibition of ephemera from the Early California Wine Trade Archive.

The Founder's Gallery

1881 Napa invites guests to experience the rich history, legacy, and heritage of Napa Valley's founding pioneers in our museum featuring an impressive gallery of photos, stories, and artifacts.  Explore photos and stories of the visionary pioneers who first planted grapes and those who settled throughout the Napa Valley in the mid-to-late 19th century. 

Pioneers such as George C. Yount, The Count of Buena Vista, H.W. Crabb, Charles Krug, Nathan Coombs, Adolph Brun, General Vallejo, and Sam Brannan were instrumental in creating the Napa Valley landscape as it's known today and served as inspiration for our incredible 1881 Napa Wine History Museum.

Sam BrannanSam Brannan
Adolph BrunAdolph Brun
The Count of Buena VistaThe Count of Buena Vista
General VallejoGeneral Vallejo
Nathan CoombsNathan Coombs
George C. YountGeorge C. Yount

Early California Wine Trade Exhibition

An exhibition in partnership with the Early California Wine Trade Archive, the artifacts on loan to the 1881 Napa museum connect us to the golden years of California's viticultural history and illustrate the importance of preserving such artifacts for many generations to come.  The historical relics include original bottles from the late 19th century, historic labels, wine trade signs, and authentic artifacts from the "Golden Age of California Wine."

Relics and Tools

Nearly 200 handcrafted vineyards, cooperage and winery relics are artistically displayed throughout the Victorian home.  This rare and authentic 19th and 20th-century antique viticulture tools were derived from a large collection housed in Burgundy, France.  This impressive exhibit represents state-of-the-art viticulture, cooperate and winemaking in the late 1800s when Napa Valley's founding pioneers brought European grapes, winegrowing and winemaking techniques to the region.


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Jean-Charles Boisset at the 1881 Napa Wine History MuseumJean-Charles Boisset at the 1881 Napa Wine History Museum