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Grab and Go, or Sit and Sip

On your next visit to the Oakville Grocery, stop by our wine section for a superb selection of over 200 wines from Napa and Sonoma counties. Grab a bottle to enjoy at home, or purchase by the glass to sip on our terrace with a picnic lunch or woodfired pizza.

For a more immersive experience, visit the Oakville Wine Merchant.

At the Oakville Wine Merchant - adjacent to the historic Oakville Grocery -  shop some of Napa Valley's finest wines and enjoy more than 50 wines by the glass in a comfortable lounge setting. Our Napa Technology Wine Stations allow you to curate your own tasting or enjoy wines by the half- or full-glass.  

If You Can't Join Us in Person

If you can't visit us in person, join us virtually!  Sign up for our mailing list for rare wine releases and regular offers.  Our newsletter emails several times a week.

We also have a robust wine selection for sale online.  From Bond to Shafer, find hard-to-find releases from top Napa and Sonoma appellations.

Customer pouring herself a glass of wine at the Oakville Wine MerchantCustomer pouring herself a glass of wine at the Oakville Wine Merchant