Baia Organic Durum Lillies

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This pasta, shaped like a small calla lily is an excellent choice for soups and seafood sauces.

Baia Pasta specializes in artisanal brass-extruded pasta using the best Italian traditional techniques. They only use Organic American flours mostly from Utah, Montana, Colorado and Washington and extrude our pasta through brass dies to achieve a rough surface and a great al dente texture.

The Organic Durum Wheat Gigli (Lilies) is a small pistina shaped like a vine tendril or small calla lily. "Twisted like a lily in bloom," according to Oretta Zanini de Vita, this pasta is an excellent shape for soups and seafood sauces.

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Product Name Baia Organic Durum Lillies
Price $10.00
Volume 16-ounces
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