Oakville Grocery Pomegranate Vinegar

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The Oakville Grocery Pomegranate Vinegar has a complex flavor with just a hint of sweetness, pairing perfectly with olive oil for an antioxidant-rich salad dressing.

Oakville Grocery partnered with the Dry Creek Olive Company to purvey our Pomegranate Vinegar, which is a selective blend of California sparkling wine vinegar and pomegranate juice. With its complex flavor and a hint of sweetness, it pairs perfectly with our California-grown olive oil for a tangy, antioxidant-rich salad dressing.

Ingredients: Champagne vinegar, pomegranate juice diluted with water to 6% acidity.

Dry Creek Olive Company operates as a small, artisanal mill focusing on the highest quality olive oils, vinegars, and custom milling. Its Geyserville (Sonoma County) estate is home to over 7,000 olive trees - some over 150 years old - and has produced oil and vinegar since 2006.

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Product Name Oakville Grocery Pomegranate Vinegar
Size or Volume (Food & Home) 375 ml
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