Oakville Grocery Jalapeño Oil

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Bring fresh, mild heat to any dish with the Oakville Grocery Jalapeño Oil.



Oakville Grocery partnered with Dry Creek Olive Company to handcraft this oil made with Manzanilla olives grown in Northern California and co-milled with fresh jalapeños. Bring fresh, mild heat to any dish. Drizzle it on eggs, fresh tomatoes, or kale salad, or spice up your favorite cornbread recipe.

Ingredients: Manzanilla olives, jalapeño peppers.

Dry Creek Olive Company operates as a small, artisanal mill focusing on the highest quality olive oils, vinegars, and custom milling. Its Geyserville (Sonoma County) estate is home to over 7,000 olive trees - some over 150 years old - and has produced oil and vinegar since 2006.
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Product Name Oakville Grocery Jalapeño Oil
Size or Volume (Food & Home) 375 ml
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