KL Keller Foodways Black Truffle Mustard

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Made by combining Dijon mustard with black truffles and truffle aroma.  Use in deviled eggs or in a sauce for chicken.

The visionaries behind KL Keller Foodways create the products they have not been able to find, what they would want to eat at home and those that match European standards of quality. All of their goods are custom, proprietary recipes made with exceptional ingredients and never contain artificial fillers or preservatives. The Black Truffle Mustard is made by combining silky Dijon mustard with black truffle and truffle aroma. Slather it on grilled hamburgers or rare roast beef, use it in deviled eggs or create a creamy truffle mustard sauce for chicken.

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Product Name KL Keller Foodways Black Truffle Mustard
Price $16.50
Size or Volume (Food & Home) 500 ml
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