Our espresso and coffee bar brings together families, friends, locals, and visitors alike. We source our beans and roast locally, resulting in a beautiful expression of flavor and complete knowledge of the journey from bean to brew. In addition to favorites like cappuccino, lattes, and drip coffee, we serve cold brew, hot and iced tea, warming chai, and hot chocolate, and a variety of bottled options to take on the road.

Our pastries are always fresh and locally made—the perfect pairings for hot and cold beverages from the espresso and coffee bar. Every day there is something new and delicious to try, from warm cinnamon rolls to multi-layered danishes, flaky biscuits, berry-studded muffins, sugared waffles, and freshly baked cookies that melt in your mouth. We also offer a selection of savory temptations like farm fresh egg sandwiches, burritos, and vegetarian options, all made-to-order.

Wine & Beer

Wine and BeerWine and Beer

Sip on a selection of over 300 wines, craft brews and specialty ciders from Napa and Sonoma counties. Either purchase by the glass to sip on our terrace for a picnic or buy the bottle to enjoy at home.

Oakville Wine Merchant

Oakville Wine SocietyOakville Wine Society

Choose from over 50 of Napa's finest wines by the glass next door at the Oakville Wine Merchant.  Select a taste, half glass or full glass on your own, or let our knowledgeable team curate your wine tasting. 


Happen to be visiting us from a far? We welcome you to explore our seasonally curated collection of eats that can be delivered directly to your door. You can have our world of seasonal jams, pickles, pasta, and spices shipped for you and your family to enjoy at home. And, we sample everything before we sell it because you deserve to take home the most delightful and delicious products available in our market.