Come for great coffee, stay for great wine and beer.

At the crossroads of our community, we are the gathering place for delicious espresso beverages, traditionally brewed coffee, herbal teas, local wine, cold beer, cider, and healthy bottled options for guests on the go. We offer a full range of locally-made pastries, fresh, natural juice options, and house-made milkshakes in an array of seasonal flavors, delivered with passion, craft, and quality ingredients.


Coffe and PastriesCoffe and Pastries

We source and roast our beans locally, resulting in a flavor that expresses the journey from bean to brew. Choose from espresso favorites as well as drip coffee, cold brew, tea and hot chocolate.

Wine & Beer

Wine and BeerWine and Beer

Sip on a selection of over 300 wines, craft brews and specialty ciders from Napa and Sonoma counties. Either purchase by the glass to sip on our terrace or by the bottle to enjoy at home.

Oakville Wine Merchant

Oakville Wine MerchantOakville Wine Merchant

Choose from over 50 of Napa's finest wines by the glass next door at Oakville Wine Merchant.  Select a taste, half glass or full glass on your own, or let our team curate your tasting. 

Visited our store from out of town, and now you can't seem to find your favorite bottle from our shop in your neck of the woods? No worries - we deliver! Shop our curated selection of excellent wines that will bring you right back to the valley in just one sip.